Vegan melanin

produced in a natural

and sustainable process

Melanin is a natural pigment with many attractive industrial applications.

But it is currently produced from sepia ink and bird feathers, which makes it a highly unscalable, inefficient method.

Not only does this process endanger biodiversity, it also ends up providing limited quality melanin.

OXYCO addresses the production

of melanin through biocatalysis.

We are able to produce biomelanin through our proprietary enzymes, which makes us the first to provide non-animal melanin produced through a sustainable and scalable industral process.





Our biomelanin is suited for a wide range of applications:


Color additives

Melanin can be applied as vegan food colouring in many popular dishes, e.g. black rice, squid ink pasta, etc.


Thanks to its rich, dark color, melanin can be used as a natural dye for packaging, like the ones found in premium designs.


As a potent antioxidant, melanin can be added to boost a product’s properties, e.g. juices, smoothies.

Sun protection

Due to its ability to absorb light, melanin can be applied in sunscreens as a UV protector.


As a pigment, it finds applications in tanning and products related with colouring, like natural hair boosters or treatments for dyed hair.


As a potent antioxidant, melanin can be applied to anti-aging products.




Melanin can be manipulated to create uniform and adherent thin films, which is a prerequisite for applications in electronic devices like semiconductors.

Solar panels

Melanin shows broadband UV–Vis–NIR absorption, an important quality for its application in photovoltaic devices.

Medical batteries

Melanin shows mixed electronic-ionic conductivity and hydration state-dependent electrical conductivity.

OXYCO is powered by Gecco Biotech and Zymvol Biomodeling

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Unique expertise in oxydoreductase biocatalysis


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